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Learning is something that always starts from scratch and we rarely talk about the initial process of learning. I believe that the world can become a much better place if people choose to share their knowledge, learning processes and experiences. I firmly believe in the idea of knowledge sharing and this website, especially the newsletter is my first step towards that. The name Eigen Letters comes from my love for the concept of eigenvalues and eigenvectors in Linear Algebra. Talking about the content of Eigen Letters, in every edition I shall try to deliver one core concept which has the potential to be new learning for many. These concepts will majorly be centred around control theory, mathematics, optimization, machine learning.

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S.No.EditionTopicDownload Link
1.Eigen Letters (August 15, 2021)Linux Command LineDownload
2.Eigen Letters (January 1, 2022)Markov Decision ProcessDownload
3.Eigen Letters (December 25, 2022)Numerical OptimizationDownload
4.Eigen Letters (June 12, 2023)SLURM Job SchedulerDownload
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