Hey, there!

Hey, I am Puneet !

I work at Bhabha Research Centre, Mumbai as a Scientist. My work is primarily centred around the area of control systems. I have a deep interest in space exploration. I love to talk anything about rockets, orbital mechanics, propulsion, flight simulations, control system design. I have a special corner for design in my heart. By design I mean, a product design, an algorithm, writing a mathematical model or designing a control system. I appreciate and try my best to create good designs. I am someone who believes in putting soul into the products, when you use the product you should feel connected to it.

I did my Bachelors degree in Engineering from Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology in Electronics and Instrumentation. There, I found few good mentors and was lucky enough to meet my friends for life. Later, I went to IIT-Kharagpur for my post-graduation in Engineering. Kharagpur is a beautiful city and especially my college campus was heaven on earth. There, I learnt Control System Engineering. In this specialization, I learnt about systems, their mathematical models and how to simulate them, design & implement algorithms to control their dynamics. Control theory is a branch of Applied Mathematics that uses the idea of feedback to influence the behaviour of a system in order to achieve the desired goal. It was an absolutely enriching experience at IIT-KGP and currently, I thrive on the skills I learned there (obviously I keep updating them 😛). I made good friends there and still cherish my Kgp memories.

I love to teach and share knowledge and this website is my effort to share the little knowledge, I have. Currently, I live in Mumbai and this city is full of life, activity, hustle and bustle. I love to visit cafes and bakeries. If you are travelling to Mumbai I can suggest to you some really good places. I have few hobbies which include playing cricket and chess, cycling, reading books and a part-time chef with no apron on. Not to forget, I am learning to play the guitar as well. I shall keep updating this page as I remember more things.

You can have a look at my professional profile here.

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